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Nearly half of young internet users come from China, India

ITU's report also found a narrowing gender gap between male and female internet users, with more women than men using the internet in the Americas.

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An ITU report found that almost 40 percent of young internet users come from China and India.
Jiangang Wang

There's a reason post-millenials are known as the digital generation.

Almost a quarter of the world's internet users are between the ages of 15 and 24, according to a new report by the International Telecommunication Union. The ITU added that nearly 40 percent of these people (or 320 million) come from China and India.

The numbers may not be surprising. China previously said there are more than 730 million internet users in the country. That's more than double the number in US, where there are almost 287 million internet users. India, on the other hand, exceeded analysts' expectations and crossed 460 million internet users.

The ITU also discovered a narrowing gender gap, although there are still 12 percent more male users of the internet than female users. The trend is reverse in the Americas, where there are almost 3 percent more women using the internet than men.