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Nearly half of Apple customers would bank with Apple

New figures suggest nearly half of those who own Apple products would entrust their money to an iBank. Should Apple go financial?

Apple should get into banking, say experts -- and new figures suggest nearly half of those who own Apple products would entrust their money to an iBank.

A survey of 5,000 people about whether they'd use Apple-flavoured banking services found that of those who already own Apple kit, 43 per cent like the idea, according to Boy Genius Report.

But before we get excited about the prospect of a bank card with an Apple logo on, the survey shows a less positive reaction among a general audience. In fact just one in 10 people surveyed would ponder a move to Apple.

Okay, we admit -- Apple getting into banking is a crazy idea. But this research does highlight a question that gets more relevant the more successful Apple becomes: what's next?

Fruit-flavoured finance

Just over 10 years ago, Apple was a computer company -- and a fairly niche one at that. Then out of nowhere came the iPod and transformed the music industry. Five years ago, the iPhone did the same with the phone industry. And while it's not quite as dramatic, the iPad has given the laptop industry a good shake by the scruff of the neck. But which industry is next?

Rumours suggest Apple will 'revolutionise' TV next. It's already the biggest company in the world by some measures, so if it's going to continue to grow it's likely to have to find a new industry to disrupt. And if ever there was an industry that needed disrupting, it's banking. Disrupting right in its smug face.

For a while there, the Internet took the pain out of banking -- until the cursed chip and pin reader came along. Security is of course paramount, but using that thing is such a chore.

Personally though my biggest gripe with the bank is that it's not instant. Everything's done with computers these days, so why don't transactions show up straight away? Why do cheques take a few days to clear? Why do we get shown two different numbers when we ask for our balance? We live in the 21st century for Woz's sake!

It's annoyances like this that make me think banking needs a sharp kick in the nadgers. And with Google and other technology giants getting into mobile payments, maybe Apple reinventing the customer service side of banking isn't such a bad idea.

What should Apple do next -- open a bank, or something else? Which industry desperately needs shaking up? And what do you hate most about your bank -- or have the penny-pinchers impressed you lately? Pay in your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page -- just don't forget to include a paying-in slip.