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Name your own price for a 10-app Mac bundle

For less than $12, you can score a Mac software collection worth $400. Gotta love that math!


"Mac owner" and "cheapskate" rarely fall into the same sentence. I, for one, have never been willing to pay the "Apple tax" for a computer, much as I'd love to own a MacBook Air or the like. (That said, I'm sufficiently fed up with Windows that I might just bite the bullet one of these days.)

Anyway, being a Mac user typically means paying higher prices for software, too. But not today: the Summer Blockbuster Mac Bundle gives you 10 Mac apps for whatever price you want to pay (asterisk).

Asterisk explained: This whole name-your-own-price thing is a little disingenuous (and a common ploy among bundlers), as you actually get just three apps if you pay less than the average purchase price. To get all 10, you'll need to pony up at least $11.51.

Now, make no mistake: That's still a phenomenal bargain, as the combined value of this bundle is a cool $400. Even if you're interested in just one of the apps, you'll come out way ahead. I just think saying you can name your own price is a little misleading.

The Summer Blockbuster Mac Bundle (or SBMB) mixes some lesser-known software with some highly desirable heavyweights. Among the latter: top-rated Finder alternative Path Finder 6, Web-design tool Flux 4, and widely beloved calendar app Fantastical.

These are, of course, full versions of the apps, and after you make your purchase, you'll get the links and license codes you need to download and activate and register. Make sure to click the Terms link to read the full terms and conditions of the bundle, though I didn't see any red flags.

I did, however, notice the icing on the cake: StackSocial will donate 10 percent of all profits to your choice of charities among Child's Play, World Wildlife Fund, or Creative Commons. Love that.

Basically, if you're a Mac user, you're crazy not to at least consider this bundle. Crazy, I says!

Bonus deal: Game time! As many readers pointed out last week, Steam is now running its annual Summer Sale, with big discounts on a wide assortment of games. And the deals change on a daily (and sometimes hourly) basis, so you'll want to check back regularly. Borderlands 2 and Tomb Raider for $4.99 apiece? (Those deals are over.) The Lego Movie Videogame for $7.49? Yes, please.