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Name that Netbook: What should Apple call its rumored tablet PC?

Several reports have indicated that Apple is expected to release a slate-style portable PC this fall. If indeed it's real, what should it be called?

Conceptart for an Apple touch-screen Netbook.

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Apple tablet: What's in a name?
What should the Apple tablet be called?

MacBook Mini

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According to various rumors and reports, Apple's got a new slate-style Netbook in the works that may be announced as soon as next month. While we have no confirmation from Apple--or anybody else--that such a product really exists, that doesn't mean we can't do a little market survey and ask you what the thing should be called.

If the rumors are at all on target, the final product will look something like a jumbo iPod Touch. However, what's interesting is that such a PC would most likely be a crossover product for Apple and straddle several product families, includes iPods, MacBooks, and maybe even Apple TV. So, is it part of one of those families or a whole new category unto itself?

Only time will tell, but for now you can cast your vote in our poll of popular candidates or write in your own choice in the comments section. We strongly doubt we'll have any influence whatsoever over Apple's decision, but, hey, people at Apple do read CNET. At least a couple do anyway.