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MySpace gets political

Voting on MySpace? No, not like Digg, with actual presidential candidates.

MySpaceis set to launch a voting platform for the presidential primaries early next year, allowing MySpace users to submit a mock vote for their favorite candidate. While the results won't actually count as real votes for election into office, candidates will no doubt try to win the coveted title of MySpace's people's choice winner. There's already a list up on MySpace's Impact page, where 11 of the candidates have thumbnail links to their MySpace profiles.

MySpace has more than 100 million registered users, with around 230,000 new ones each day. The prospect of testing an online voting system with this magnitude of potential users is exciting, although plagued with issues given the amount of spam and gaming that goes on inside its walls. As TechCrunch notes, rival social network Facebook would likely be the better choice for this experiment, as it actually requires e-mail or mobile verification for account creation. Not to mention they've already done something similar. There's nothing to say they won't try this as well.

Also something to keep an eye on as we get closer to next January: how MySpace integrates their upcoming social news platform with candidate updates.