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My overview of SOA (service oriented architecture) governance

To date, the biggest obstacle to SOA governance adoption has been lack of understanding of what governance is and why it matters.

Feeling technical today? I did an exhaustive Q&A with ITBusinessEdge about SOA Governance and the role it plays in their enterprise. For those who don't already know, "SOA governance" is the set of policies and activities that help to manage an SOA environment.

A snippet of genius:

Typically, rules are not effective until there is a baseline established. This is the same for a kindergarten class or a loosely coupled IT environment. Consider, for example, what happens if you try to build a house without knowing what materials are available -- sure walls made of ice would look cool, but can they hold up the roof and not melt under the heat of the sun?
Full article: Governance: A Necessity for Successful SOA