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MSN Music gets a makeover

Microsoft redesigns the site and adds downloading and file-sharing capabilities as well as thousands of preprogrammed radio stations.

Microsoft has redesigned its MSN Music site, adding a feature that allows certain music files to be downloaded and shared.

The downloads section features songs being offered on a promotional basis that are only usable as long as the promotion is valid. MSN will also offer a subscription service where people can buy music through streaming media or by download.

The site features links to Pressplay, an online subscription music service jointly owned by Sony and Vivendi Universal.

Other features include a service that tells fans when their favorite artists are appearing in their area, and a page that generates recommendations for radio stations, concerts and reviews.

The new site also features more than 300,000 preprogrammed radio stations. People can select stations using the site's "SoundsLike" feature, which chooses stations based on their preferences.