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MP3: Sound and fury

The future of the music business and the growth of popularity in online delivery of music are riding heavily on each other. The popular MP3 format is likely to be replaced, but many say it is forcing the mainstream record companies to act in Internet time.

Music industry experts agree that consumer downloading is a tremendous part of the business's future. Still being debated are standards for downloading music and the fate of the format that catalyzed much of the activity in this space: MP3.

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MP3: Sound and fury

By staff
April 27, 1999, 4 a.m. PT

MP3 catalyzing Net music's future
MP3 may not spell the end of the music business as we know it, but it may well provide a glimpse at the massive changes to come.

Net music shaping copyrights
The debate that is raging over how online music should be regulated under current copyright laws, if at all, echoes arguments over phonographs and player pianos from the turn of the century.

Labels tuning in to Net
The Internet is rendering the traditional music business obsolete, but it also presents a whole new field of opportunity for new and traditional music companies.

Net levels playing field
Twenty-five years ago, Bob Dylan proclaimed, "The Times They Are A-Changin'," and now, it seems, those words are resonating throughout the music industry.

MP3: Sound and fury

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