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Mountain Lion brings Safari 6, app updates

Got your hands on Mountain Lion? There are some other updates to grab as well, including Safari 6, Aperture and iPhoto.

Lexy Savvides Principal Video Producer
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Lexy Savvides
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While the big update for Mac users is OS X Mountain Lion, there are some other products that are worthy of your attention too.

(Credit: Apple)

Apple has launched Safari 6, the latest version of its browser, which delivers the most substantial updates of the lot. The new features include support for iCloud tabs, meaning that websites opened on other iDevices can be picked up over on Safari, without having to search for the page again.

At the moment, Safari 6 is only available for Mountain Lion users. Owners of previous OS X versions, as well as Windows users, miss out on the update.

As documented by Apple, here's a list of the new updates to all the packages:

Safari 6

  • Smart Search Field: Safari now has one field for typing both searches and web addresses.

  • Offline Reading List: Safari saves entire web pages in your Reading List, so you can catch up on your reading even when you don't have an internet connection

  • Do Not Track: Safari can send the websites you visit a request to not track you online

  • Password pane: manage your saved website log-ins with the new Password pane

  • Baidu: the leading Chinese search engine Baidu is now a built-in option for Chinese users.

iPhoto 9.3.2

  • Supports compatibility with OS X Mountain Lion

  • Sharing options now include Messages and Twitter

  • Includes performance and stability improvements. /p>

iMovie 9.0.7

  • Fixes an issue related to third-party QuickTime components that could cause iMovie to quit unexpectedly

  • Resolves stability issues when previewing MPEG-2 video clips in the Camera Import window

  • Fixes an issue where audio was not included when importing MPEG-2 video clips from a camera.

Aperture 3.3.2

  • Supports compatibility with OS X Mountain Lion

  • Addresses issues that could affect performance when entering and exiting Full Screen mode

  • Auto White Balance can now correct colour using Skin Tone mode, even when Faces is disabled

  • Projects and albums in the Library Inspector can now be sorted by date, in addition to name and kind

  • Includes performance and stability improvements.