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Site launches a new platform to bring more videos--in HD--to its home page, articles, blogs, and site library. said Friday it has launched a new platform that will bring more video to more sections of the site.

The videos will be presented in HD and made available to the home page, articles, blogs, and the site's video library in an effort to make video a central part of The New York Times Co.'s overarching strategy.

"Demand for high-quality video is on the rise across the Web from both our users and our advertisers," Nicholas Ascheim, vice president of product management at, said in a statement. "To meet this need, we have upgraded our technology, increased our production values, and given video even more prominence across the site."'s new video platform, which runs Brightcove 3, will display videos in 16x9 widescreen format and boast an individual playback page for each video to make it easier for visitors to find the videos they are looking for. More importantly, each video will now feature share tools, which will allow viewers to share the videos on sites like Digg, Facebook, and LinkedIn. already produces about 100 videos per month from well-known journalists like David Pogue. But with the announcement of its new platform, it looks like video will become an integral part of its strategy going forward as more original videos are produced each month.