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More than 2,000 Twitter partners adding interactivity to tweets

In a blog post today, Twitter said there are now more than 2,000 different ways partners -- from CNN to SoundCloud, Amazon to Fandango -- are sharing interactive content in tweets.

National Geographic is just one of more than 2,000 content providers who are helping to enrich tweets.

Twitter said today that in the months since it introduced the ability for partners to embed content in tweets, more than 2,000 have signed on.

That means, the company said in a blog post, that Twitter users can see tweets enriched with everything from SoundCloud audio clips to CNN's presentation of important moments in the presidential debates to Amazon product listings to weather forecasts from the Weather Channel. And much more.

"From personal blogs like The Modern Nomad to nonprofits like Crowdmap to large publications, such as National Geographic (which displays its renowned beautiful photos within a tweet)," Twitter wrote. "By providing more information in tweets, we hope to help you more easily find exactly what you're looking for -- right here on Twitter."