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More features coming to Amazon Prime?

A new job posting asks for a software development engineer that could take Prime to "new places" both on and off Amazon's site.

Amazon Prime has become a key aspect of the Amazon shopping experience. But soon enough, it may be found elsewhere.

Amazon recently posted job openings on its Web site for employees to handle the so-called "Prime Expansion." One listing for a software development engineer seeks someone to handle the task of making Prime "easily expanded" to "a growing list of Amazon locales and beyond."

"Our core team mission is to enable the right Prime programs in new places (on and off Amazon) by designing flexible software architectures that will allow for a rapid expansion of the Prime program everywhere," the company wrote in the job posting.

Amazon Prime is available to customers for $79 per year. The offering launched as a way for customers to receive free two-day shipping but quickly expanded to include free access to Amazon's Prime Instant Video streaming service and free e-book borrowing. It appears now that Amazon wants to make Prime a key component in its short- and long-term strategies.

Amazon has yet to confirm that it wants to expand Prime and did not immediately respond to CNET's request for comment. But when a job description crops up on the Web, it's usually a pretty good indication some improvements are afoot.

(Via All Things Digital)