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Moo adds Facebook integration

Want some business cards with your Facebook shots? now supports it.

In late May, Facebook posted some stats about adoption rates, and usage of their photo service. The numbers were pretty staggering for a social network, and as it currently stands, more than 14 million photos uploaded to the service every day. To take advantage of all those shots, the folks at, makers of all sorts of Web integrated print items have added a link to Facebook photos for use in their entire product line.

If you're a Facebook user, you can pull in photos from any of your albums, or browse by the people that you've tagged. Linking up the two services involves authenticating Moo, which is as simple as clicking a button once you're logged in.

Also interesting is Moo's movement into designer graphics. The site is offering a slew of ready-made card designsin case you're not the type to use your own art of photography on business cards or their stickers products.

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