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MontaVista Linux expands to Korea

Embedded Linux seller MontaVista Software has opened an office in Korea, the Sunnyvale, Calif.-based company said Thursday. The office will be located nearer to companies such as Samsung, which revealed as part of the announcement that it is a MontaVista customer. Samsung is a member of the Consumer Electronics Linux Forum, a group MontaVista is seeking to join.

MontaVista is one of several companies pushing the Linux operating system for use in embedded devices such as cell phones, DVD players, network equipment and cars. On Tuesday, the company said it signed an agreement with Motorola to create a version of Linux and accompanying programming tools for Motorola's i.MX1 and i.MXL processors. The chips are designed to accelerate applications running in small gadgets such as cell phones. The support will come with version 3.0 of MontaVista Linux Professional Edition, due to arrive by the end of September, the company said.