MobiTV expanding beyond mobile video market

Known for its live and on-demand mobile video content, MobiTV is expanding its service to TVs and PCs, which the company will demo at this week's CTIA conference.

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Lance Whitney
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MobiTV is moving from the mobile market to the TV and PC.
MobiTV is moving from the mobile market to the TV and PC.

Video-content provider MobiTV is expanding beyond its familiar mobile market to reach the living room and office.

The company, which offers live and on-demand TV shows for mobile phones, is branching out into Internet-connected TVs, set-top boxes, and personal computers. The goal is to offer a TV-anywhere type of service in which subscribers can catch live news and sports as well as on-demand TV shows no matter where they are.

Beyond providing TV on different devices, the new service will sync and converge content. So baseball fans could watch a game on their smartphones, pause it, and then pick up where they left off on their living room TV or office PC. The content will adjust itself dynamically according to the speed and format of device on which it's playing, the company said. The service will also let people choose favorite channels and record content, all of which would be available on each device.

MobiTV's mobile app is currently offered to iPhone users through Apple's App Store. Certain content, such as news and specific TV shows, is free. Premium programming requires a $10-per-month subscription. The service is also available to Sprint Nextel and Verizon Wireless customers at similar prices.

MobiTV generates most of its sales from the wireless carriers, according to Bloomberg. By expanding its TV service to different devices, it is now trying to increase its revenue stream by drumming up interest among cable, phone, and Internet providers.

The company will demonstrate its new service at the CTIA Enterprises & Applications show in San Francisco this week.