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Mobile Vox blogging with your Nokia phone

Vox and Nokia are teaming up to make mobile blogging a simpler affair.

CNET Networks

Cell phone maker Nokia and blogging service Vox have come together to help people add content to their Vox blogs while away from their PCs. Using a new app for your Nokia phone, you're able to upload pictures and videos to your blog without using your phone's Web browser. You're also able to set the privacy levels on every piece of content you upload, keeping prying eyes off items you don't want public. The first Nokia phone to have Vox integration is the N93i, but if you have an N-series Nokia already you can download the settings from here. Nokia and Vox are also running a promotion where Vox users who sign up for the service get an additional 1GB of uploading space per month.

Vox seems to be one-upping competitors in this arena, offering mobile blogging based on hardware, not service (unlike the MySpace mobile app on Helio and Cingular). There's a video (with an overuse of the Ken Burns effect) that explains the new service here.