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Miss 'Sherlock'? Let the manga comics, coming in English, tide you over

Titan Comics will import Japanese manga comic series "Sherlock: A Study In Pink" translated into English, and featuring Sherlock Holmes and his trusty clue-hunting companion John Watson.

Thanks to Titan Comics, English speakers will now get their own versions of "Sherlock" manga.
Kadokawa Comics

"Sherlock" fans eagerly awaiting the new season of the hit BBC show next year can at least keep their sleuthing skills intact with an upcoming release of the Japanese manga comic series "Sherlock: A Study In Pink."

Titan Comics said Friday that it plans to release the series -- translated from the 2013 Japanese manga editions from Kadokawa Comics into English -- in the US and the UK in June, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Titan made the announcement at the ComicsPRO retailer summit in Portland, Oregon. It did not disclose if it plans to publish the "Sherlock" manga comics in the traditional Japanese format of reading the story from right to left or if it will adapt it to a more Western book style.

The comics will feature episodes from the TV show starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, who play Holmes and Watson respectively, and will have extended page counts beyond the original manga series.

The translated manga comic series will be available in both print and digital formats, and illustrated by the artist known as Jay, with alternate covers and additional art from Alice X Zhang. Zhang's art is currently featured in the Sherlock Holmes-themed cafe 221B Baker Street, located in Shanghai, China.

Take a look inside the "Sherlock: A Study in Pink" manga comic here. And if coloring books are more your style, "Sherlock" has one of those too.