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Microsoft to bring, Outlook closer together

Thanks to a bunch of new features and back-end platform changes coming to webmail, users won't see much difference between the two products.

The new features will gradually be available to a broader group of customers "in the coming weeks" through an opt-in program. Microsoft

In the coming weeks, Microsoft will start rolling out new features for webmail users that will look familiar to those using Outlook as part of its subscription-based Office 365 service.

Among the new features -- which Microsoft first is making available in preview form to a small group of customers starting Thursday -- are a refined inbox, better collaboration capabilities, improved search and a more functional calendar. Microsoft officials said these new features will gradually be available to a broader group of customers "in the coming weeks" through an opt-in program.

Microsoft's goal is to bring Outlook and closer together so that users feel like there are fewer differences between these two email products both called "Outlook." It's similar to what the company is doing in terms of bringing together Skype and Skype for Business (Lync), and OneDrive and OneDrive for Business.

Besides making user interface and feature tweaks to to make it more similar to Outlook, Microsoft also is upgrading "to a new Office 365-based infrastructure," according to the Thursday blog post outlining the coming features.

What does that exactly mean?

To some extent, it simply means Outlook and will share more underlying "platform components." It does not mean that is using Exchange on the back-end like Outlook does. (Right now, the two are not combined or shared, and it's not clear when or if they ever will be.)

Microsoft's overarching goal is to make it easier for the team to roll out new features for all variants of Outlook more quickly.

On the new-feature front, here's what's coming to over the coming weeks:

  • "Clutter" for de-cluttering inboxes
  • Search suggestions/refiners
  • 13 new themes
  • Link previews that are automatically generated
  • Ability to copy/paste images directly into the body of a message
  • Pop-out read and compose windows
  • Pins and flags for organizing email inboxes
  • Support for add-ins (announced at Build last month), including Suggested Meetings, Bing Maps, Uber, Boomerang, PayPal
  • Ability to shift conversations between email and Skype more seamlessly
  • Ability to attach files from OneDrive to messages
  • Side-by-side views of attachments and email

Microsoft also is launching today Outlook UserVoice for users to share feedback, recommend features and vote on new ideas. The forum will be accessible by clicking "Feedback" under the Gear icon or visiting

This story originally posted as "Microsoft takes a step toward bringing and Outlook closer together" on ZDNet.