Microsoft Teams' anchor-like 'reporter mode' arrives in July

A little spice for your video conferencing.

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Eli Blumenthal
Reporter mode Microsoft Teams

Channel your inner Lester Holt with the new reporter mode in Microsoft Teams. 


Ever wanted to be a news anchor while running an online meeting? Microsoft has something for you in an upcoming update to its Teams software. 

Previously announced in March, the company is working on adding a few new modes to liven up virtual presentations on its rival to Slack, Google Meet and Zoom. One mode, called "reporter," will "show content as a visual aid above the speaker's shoulder just like during a news segment." A second, called "side-by-side," will "show the presenter's video feed alongside their content as they present."

The features now appear to be coming to Teams in July, according to a new roadmap posted on the company's website that was spotted by TechRadar on Monday. 

The update is the latest in Microsoft's work further developing Teams. While originally targeted towards businesses, in May the software giant announced a free personal version of the service to appeal to consumers, including features such as one-on-video calls where you can speak for up to 24 hours.