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Microsoft releases new embedded Windows

Windows Embedded CE 6.0 improvements tailored for parking meters, projectors or vending machines, Microsoft said.

Microsoft on Wednesday released Windows Embedded CE 6.0, a new version of the operating system geared for computing devices such as mobile phones or consumer electronics. The new version supports voice and data networking using cell phone networks, something the company believes will be useful for building networking abilities into parking meters, vending machines or GPS navigation devices. The new version also is well suited to networked video projectors and set-top boxes, Microsoft said.

In addition, the Platform Builder programming tools for creating embedded software now have a plug-in for Microsoft's Visual Studio 2005 Professional software. And the kernel at the heart of the new version is now fully governed by a Microsoft Shared Source license; previously, only 44 percent was, the company said. The license permits device manufacturers to modify the software without having to share those changes with Microsoft.