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Microsoft issues fix for Windows 10 Store glitch

A week ago, some users complained they couldn't access Windows Store app updates and downloads. Now, the software giant says the problem has been resolved.

Some Windows 10 users have been having trouble updating or downloading apps from the store. There's now a fix. Screenshot by Lance Whitney/CNET

Microsoft has fixed a problem with the Windows 10 Store that had prevented a number of users from being able to update existing Windows Store apps or download new ones.

A week after users -- including me -- began reporting problems with the Windows 10 Store, Microsoft seems to have fixed the issue.

In the early hours of Tuesday, Microsoft officials said to expect a fix for the Store issue to come via Windows Update within 48 hours. I don't think this ultimately is how Microsoft repaired the problem, however, as I don't see any new Windows Updates in my history beyond the usual Windows Defender definition updates.

I've asked Microsoft officials for more information on what caused the issue and how the company ultimately fixed it, but have yet to hear back.

Starting Saturday, users were reporting they were unable to access the Windows 10 Store and to use a number of their previously installed Store apps, including the built-in Windows 10 Mail and Calendar. Users could see app updates and pending new app installs queuing in Windows Store, but couldn't get them to download.

Some of us received intermittent messages indicating the Store server had "stumbled." Microsoft seemingly released a new version of the Windows 10 Store a week ago, which was designed to fix Store download issues, among other problems. But as of Thursday, that fix seemed to have done nothing to alleviate the issues.

While waiting for the Microsoft fix, a number of Windows 10 users found various workarounds, including resetting their Windows 10 machines and disabling various recent Windows 10 updates, to have fixed the Store and Windows Store app issues, they said.

For those who've had the Windows 10 Store problems mentioned above, try restarting your PC, opening the Store and waiting for the queue to automatically start clearing, which may take a few minutes. Windows Store apps like Mail and Calendar should start working once the queue starts clearing.

Update: I am still hearing from a few Windows 10 users that they're still having problems with the Store and Store apps. I'm not sure if this is just a matter of the fix taking time to propagate or if there are still unresolved issues. But I'm hearing from more users than not that the fix Microsoft made seems to have worked.

This story originally posted as "Microsoft fixes Windows 10 Store glitch" on ZDNet.