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Microsoft puts blinders on Cortana in Windows 10

No more peeking at other search providers, Cortana! Microsoft says your results must come only via its own Bing engine and the Edge browser.

Microsoft’s voice-activated virtual assistant is more than just a direct link to Bing (or whatever search engine you’ve forced her to use) -- she’s, well, an assistant. That means she can do everything from scheduling meetings and setting alarms to delivering a decent joke. You probably know several of Cortana’s hidden talents, but there’s always more to discover. So here are 10 cool things you can ask her to do in Windows 10.
Sarah Jacobsson Purewal/CNET

Enough's enough, says Microsoft. The software giant announced in a blog post Thursday that, on Windows 10, its Cortana voice assistant won't be able to deliver results from any search engine other than its own Bing or via any browser but Windows 10's Edge.

The move is Microsoft's way of protecting its own properties. Basically, the company says it can't guarantee a good experience with any other combination of applications, so it's taking away the option.

"Unfortunately," Microsoft wrote, "as Windows 10 has grown in adoption and usage, we have seen some software programs circumvent the design of Windows 10 and redirect you to search providers that were not designed to work with Cortana. The result is a compromised experience that is less reliable and predictable."