MediaMaster takes your music library online

Want a free Web based jukebox to listen to your tunes? Give MediaMaster a spin.

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Josh Lowensohn

MediaMaster is a Web-based jukebox service that launched last week. MediaMaster gives users free storage space to upload their tunes and listen to them anywhere they have Internet access. The interface is clean, simple, and intuitive--if you're used to iTunes or Windows Media Player you'll feel right at home. Users can upload their tunes with two uploaders, a simple one for a few tracks and an advanced version that lets you simply drag and drop files from file folders right into the uploader.

Once your tracks are uploaded, you can create and manage playlists, rate individual songs, and share your music with others with embeddable widgets for blogs, Web sites, and social networking profiles.

MediaMaster has a lot of personality. Having an incomplete album will give album art a little "bite mark" out of it. Its radio station feature gives you a URL to publish so people can subscribe and listen to your customized playlists or music recommendations.

For copyright concerns, neither the widget or radio subscriptions actually give people copies of your music, it's all streamed. Likewise, there's no way for you to download the music once it's been uploaded, it can only be deleted.

For now, the service offers unlimited storage space, with plans to cap off user accounts at 4GB. There's also planned iPod integration. MediaMaster will let users upload any unprotected MP3, WMA, and M4A (AAC) file, complete with album art if it's within the file's metadata. Give it a spin here.

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