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McNealy: Netscape rumors a joke

Sun's chairman pokes fun at rumors that his company may be interested in acquiring Netscape.

Sun CEO Scott McNealy on his top 10

SANTA CLARA, Calif.--With rumors circulating that Sun Microsystems may be interested in acquiring Netscape Communications, Sun's top dog touched on the issue here at a speaking engagement last night at a Churchill Club dinner in Silicon Valley.

It may not have answered the crucial question, but it made for good show.

Playing off news stories about an Olympics gold medalist snowboarder claiming that he tested positive for marijuana because of second-hand smoke, Sun CEO and stand-up comic Scott McNealy read a top ten list.

Top ten computer industry situations caused by second-hand marijuana smoke:

10: Sun considers...buying Apple.

9: Sun considers buying Netscape.

8: Compaq does buy Digital Equipment.

7: Let's call that product "Bob."

6: Let's call our sons Maverick and Dakota.

5: We only need two digits in the date field.

4: Windows 95.

3: I said I wanted Adobe, not a doobie.

2: Windows won't work without the Explorer browser, your honor.

1: Java is just a programming language.

When pressed for a serious response on the matter, McNealy responded: "I can't comment on rumors, no matter how accurate or silly they will be."