MCI announces backbone plans

MCI announced plans to quadruple the capacity of its Net backbone by year's end.

CNET News staff
In an attempt to unclog congested Internet arteries, MCI Communications today announced plans to quadruple the capacity of its Internet backbone by the end of the year.

MCI, along with other telecommunications companies such as AT&T and Sprint Communications, operates extensive national and international fiber-optic backbone networks. Smaller Internet service providers connect their business and home customers into these networks, and MCI's in particular makes up a huge portion of the Internet, carrying 45 percent of all domestic traffic.

As reported previously by CNET, the MCI network upgrade involves a $60 million investment in new equipment that will boost the company's Net backbone to 622 mbps from 155 mbps, a change that could significantly reduce network traffic jams.

MCI's fourfold increase of its Net backbone is the second phase of its Internet 2000 program, which was kicked off in March. The company then plans to increase its network capacity from 45 mbps to 155 mbps. MCI and British Telecommunications also announced earlier this month a project to develop an international Internet backbone service, called Concert InternetPlus, aimed at ISPs and business customers.

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