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Mashable takes on MySpace codes with Mashcodes

Mashable has a new site for social networking codes. It's called Mashcodes, and it's a heck of a lot better than most of the other code sites.

Mashable, the blog about social networks, launched Mashcodes last week, a sister site devoted to HTML codes for MySpace, blogs, and other social networks that support custom code. The move complements Mashable's coverage of these sites, and Mashcodes is easier to navigate and has fewer annoying ads than competing MySpace code sites like MyProfilePimp and

Mashcodes' MySpace profile editor CNET Networks

The first thing I wanted to do after joining MySpace was get custom code for my profile. To my surprise, nearly all of the sites I pulled up on a casual Google search had a ton of pop-ups, off-site links, annoying ads, and plain ol' clutter. Mashcodes on the other hand is fairly simple, and all of its tools keep you within the site. One of the coolest tools on Mashcodes is the profile editor. It uses a simple WYSIWYG interface to let you change every aspect of your profile, without touching any sort of HTML code whatsoever. Any changes you make are mirrored instantly, and it takes just a few minutes to tweak it just the way you want it.

A lot of the content on Mashcodes hasn't been designed in house. Graphics, videos, widgets, and some of the tools can be found on other sites. What separates Mashcodes from other MySpace code sites is an ease of use that I think the novice MySpace user is going to love.