Marvel Move Brings Superheroes to Your Running Routine

The app might not give you super speed, but it can help you train for a marathon.

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Marvel Move logo and superheroes
Six to Start/Marvel

Running is a great form of cardio exercise, but it's not always easy to find the motivation to start a run or keep running consistently over time. The company Six to Start has been tackling that obstacle with interactive running apps, and the next step brings superheroes to your smartphone to help you along your fitness journey. 

Marvel Move will be a featured fitness program in the upcoming ZRX app from the makers of Zombies, Run! But instead of motivating you with the undead apocalypse, it drops you into immersive stories with some of Marvel's iconic superheroes, including Thor and Loki, The Hulk, Daredevil, Doctor Strange, Scarlet Witch and the X-Men. According to the announcement, runners will be the main characters of these stories, with heroes acting as supporting characters to help you meet your fitness goals.

Screenshots of programs and tracking

Marvel Move will track your runs, allowing you to see your progress over time.

Six to Start/Marvel

If you're like me and enjoy having control over your running sessions, don't worry -- Marvel Move is designed to work with you.  "Users have full control over the time or distance of their runs, can enable thrilling chases when they want to intensify their workout, and can track their activity whether they're outdoors, on a treadmill, in a wheelchair, and more," according to the press release.

Screenshots of 5K training program

Marvel Move features training programs for a 5K, 10K, half-marathon or marathon.

Six to Start/Marvel

I'm not sure I would have asked to train for a 5K with Thor and Loki (I feel like Loki's bound to cut corners), but it's an interesting concept. I especially see the potential for younger users who might be used to interactive apps and may need the extra push to commit to consistent physical activity. Or really anyone who wants a little more motivation to stay active regardless of whether that's a specific training program or just spicing up your workouts. 

Marvel Move will be available starting this summer. Six to Start is offering access to the Marvel Move Founders Club, which includes a free trial of Marvel Unlimited and a free month of Zombies, Run! Marvel Move will require an annual subscription of $75, although the program is offering early subscribers a two-year deal for $99 instead. 

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