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Marvel brings 12,000 single-issue comics to the Kindle Store

For the first time, Kindle owners can bypass Comixology's app and buy Marvel comics directly.


Zap! Bam! Pow!

That's the (admittedly made-up) sound of Marvel Comics breaking loose of Comixology and landing in Amazon's Kindle Store, where Kindle tablet owners can now purchase over 12,000 single issues.

Some clarification: Marvel has long had a relationship with digital-distribution platform Comixology, and Comixology's apps have long made those comics available via Android, iOS and Kindle apps. As part of the new agreement, Kindle users can, if they choose, bypass the app and purchase Marvel comics direct from Amazon.

Why buy issues at all when you can subscribe to Marvel Unlimited for $70 per year? That service lets you read unlimited comics (again, via Comixology), but only those published at least six months earlier. Single issues will appear at Amazon the same day they're published.

Amazon acquired Comixology in 2014. Under the new agreement, the latter "will continue to distribute Marvel's English language single issue, trades and graphic novels via the comiXology apps on Fire tablets, iPhone, iPad, Android devices and the web at"