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Mailbox iOS app adds auto-swipe to better manage your mail

The iOS version of the email app adds a new feature that tries to predict what you want to do with a particular email.

Mailbox has spruced up its iOS app. Screenshot by Lance Whitney/CNET

Mailbox's iOS app can now take even more of the chore out of managing your email.

Released on Monday, version 2.0 of Mailbox for iOS catches up with its Android counterpart by trying to guess what do to with a particular email based on your past behavior.

The app has long offered a cool swiping technique to help you deal with your messages. Swipe to the right, and the current message gets archived. Swipe slowly to the left, and the app gives you a choice of lists where you can move the message. Swipe more quickly to the right, and you can make the message disappear and then reappear at a specific date or time.

Now, the latest version expands on that concept by learning from what you do. After tracking your actions, the app will start to suggest what to do with a particular email based on your past patterns. Take the app's suggestion if it's on the money, or choose a different action. Gradually, Dropbox tries to fine-tune its predictions to cut down on the time you have to spend managing your email.

The new version also now uses Dropbox to save and sync your auto-swipe gestures and other preferences across different devices and email accounts.

Dropbox is a simple yet powerful email app. The major drawback is that it still supports only Gmail and Apple's iCloud. But the app's developers promise that more email platforms are coming soon.