Luke and Leia battle the Empire in Angry Birds Star Wars trailer

A teaser trailer for the new Star Wars-theme Angry Birds game provides a glimpse of our heros dueling the dark side.

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Lance Whitney
Angry Birds Luke takes on the Empire's evil piggies.
Angry Birds Luke takes on the Empire's evil piggies. Rovio

Angry Birds fans anxiously awaiting the new Star Wars version can grab a quick look at the action in a new 57-second trailer.

The first half of the trailer teases you with scenes of Angry Bird Luke trying to impress Angry Bird Leia with his light saber skills. But after Leia yawns in boredom, the galactic action finally revs up.

We're first taken to Luke's home world of Tatooine where he attacks the Empire's evil pigges with his light sabre. Next we travel to the ice world of Hoth where Leia takes down one of the giant Imperial AT-AT walkers. And that's about it. Just a quick taste to whet your palette.

In Angry Birds Star Wars, the birds take on the personalities of Luke, Leia, Han, and Chewie as they battle Darth Vader and the evil Empire. The game will combine the familiar Star Wars characters and settings with the traditional play of Angry Birds.

Arriving in our galaxy on November 8, Angry Birds Star Wars will be available on Apple's iOS, Android, the Amazon Kindle Fire lineup, the Mac, the PC, Windows Phone, and Windows 8.