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Looking at Sun's core

Sun makes bold open-source licensing moves, but is guarded on its partnership with Microsoft.

Sun makes bold open-source licensing moves but is guarded on its partnership with Microsoft.

Open-source license could be Solaris-Linux barrier

Sun seeks official open-source status for a license that could govern Solaris, News.com has learned.
December 2, 2004

Microsoft and Sun's difficult dance

news analysis The companies find that being partners is sometimes harder than being enemies.
December 2, 2004

Sun and Microsoft: So far, so good

Firms say they've shed hard feelings and established a good collaboration. First product: common identity-management software.
December 1, 2004

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Sun plans patent protection for open-source Solaris

Plans to provide umbrella from patent-infringement suits to outsiders using or developing the OS--a move to counter Linux.
Sun posts early Java 6 code
Photos: Sun execs talk tech
November 18, 2004

Sun to offer utility pricing for desktops

Thin-client Sun Ray product hasn't taken off yet, but Sun hopes subscription pricing will boost its popularity.
November 17, 2004