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London Olympics celebrated with Google doodle

The games have kicked off, and Google will post a different doodle every day showing a different sport.

Google is celebrating the London Olympic Games (are we allowed to call it that? Subs please check) with a series of doodles representing the different sports on show.

Today: archery.

Yesterday, Google ran a doodle to celebrate the opening ceremony. It featured athletes posing around the Google logo: a runner, a football player, a swimmer, a javelin thrower, a fencer, and a basketball player. Today's archery-themed doodle features a woman taking aim at a bullseye placed strategically over an O in 'Google'.

Google will provide a different doodle every day, each representing a different sport -- and not for the first time. The tradition started back in 2000 at the Sydney Olympics, and has been upheld for every games since, including the Winter Olympics.

The archery kicked off yesterday, before the official opening ceremony, and will last until 3 August. It's being held at Lord's Cricket Ground. And South Korean Im Dong-hyun has already broken his own world record, according to the BBC, so things have got off to a great start.

Google started its doodles back in 1998, and since then they've grown to encompass short films, playable games, and even digital versions of musical instruments you can strum along with. The first was of the Burning Man Festival, to alert users of the search engine that the team had decamped for a massive party relaxing weekend, so if anything went wrong with the servers everyone would know they were away.

You can head to the doodle store and buy all manner of merchandise featuring your favourites. Or there's a full archive here, if you want a trip down a doodle-strewn memory lane.

If you want to catch the games, check out the BBC app that brings you 24 channels of live streams, so you won't miss a minute.

Are you excited about the games? Which doodle are you most looking forward to? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook page.