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LinkedIn turns online resumes into professional portfolios

Now users can upload videos, images, and other rich media to showcase their work and skills on the professional social network.

LinkedIn users can now upload images of their work to their profiles and have discussions about it with members in their networks.

LinkedIn is letting users take their online resumes to a whole new level. The social network announced Wednesday that people now have more options to visually showcase their work experience and talent with videos, images, and photos.

For example, graphic designers can show images of their past projects, photographers can show examples of their snapshots, and advertisers can launch videos of previous campaigns. With this new feature, LinkedIn is aiming to let users turn their text-only resumes into interactive lookbooks.

"You can illustrate your greatest achievements in the form of stunning images, compelling videos, innovative presentations and more," LinkedIn product manager Udi Milo said in a blog post Wednesday. "From the analyst who makes annual predictions on tech trends to the 3D animator who is looking to fund a new short film, the opportunities are limitless for how professionals can now use the LinkedIn profile to help showcase these unique stories in a visual way."

To make changes to their profiles, users can click "edit" and then follow the prompts in each relevant section, such as "Summary," "Experience," and "Education." The social network is also boosting user interaction by setting up comment sections where people can like and discuss each other's work.

LinkedIn has been amping up its features over the last few months. Just in April, the site added mentions for English-speaking members to stimulate more conversation, launched a desktop and iPhone app to let users stay in touch with their most important contacts, and acquired the newsreader app Pulse to bring users more content.