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LinkedIn continues news page revamp

The professional networking site adds commenting and liking features to the news-article network created by your connections.


As a part of its ongoing redesign, LinkedIn rolled out its more features on its LinkedIn Today tab today, in hopes that it will provide an even more tailored news experience for its users.

The changes include the ability to directly comment and like the articles in your network within the tab, which was designed to display news articles that are relevant to you and your network.

"These two new features, together with the existing customizable news feed, allow members to not only narrow down the most timely and relevant information needed when needed, but to also gather valuable insights about other like-minded individuals within their professional networks and beyond," Ryan Roslansky, head of Content Products at LinkedIn, wrote in a blog post today.

The tab will now feature articles that are trending in industries that are important to you and among your connections.

LinkedIn spokeswoman Julie Inouye said the new commenting and liking features are a natural extension of the already established feature on posted articles, and trending will help users locate relevant information quickly.

She said it comes in handy if you want to see what your boss, or your competition, is saying about an article or subject matter.

"It's just a much smarter conversation and you'll be that much more prepared," Inouye told CNET.

She said it's a part of LinkedIn's efforts to improve the site this year by simplifying site and growing it as an everyday tool, as outlined in by CEO Jeff Weiner during a quarterly conference call in May. The Today tab was revamped in May with a cleaner design, and share and save functions.

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