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LinkBunch makes multiple huge URLs tiny

Make a bunch of large URLs tiny with LinkBunch.

LinkBunch is a redirection and shortening service for multiple Web links. The service takes as many links as you can throw at it and puts them together in a "bunch," so when users clicks your link they simply come to a link dump with Snap previews of each page. There's also a simple option to open all of them in their browser window.

If you're used to TinyURL, UrlTea, et al, you know these services can be exceptionally useful for taking large links (like the ones you get from browsing on, and shrinking them down for sharing in IM and SMS messages, or a micropublishing tool like Twitter, Pownce, and Jaiku.

The one bummer is that unlike other redirect services, if you simply plug in one link, clicking on the LinkBunch URL will take you the link dump page instead of straight there--something I hope will be added as an option in later iterations. For the lazy, there's also a Firefox plug-in that takes your open tabs and turns them into a LinkBunch automatically--which is handy in case you're scared of copy and paste.

I've created an example LinkBunch of various CNET Networks sites here.