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LG’s Knock Code security feature to land on more phones

The feature is designed to help you access your LG phone through your own customized series of taps.

Use Knock Code on the LG G Pro 2
LG's Knock Code feature is expanding. Screenshot by Dan Graziano/CNET

More LG phone users will soon be able to awaken and unlock their devices with just a few simple taps.

Recently released for the G Pro 2, LG's Knock Code feature will start wending its way to older LG phones in April, the mobile device maker announced on Tuesday. Due out as a firmware update, Knock Code will reach the G2, G Flex, G2 Mini, LG's F Series, and LG's L Series, among other models.

Knock Code lets you access your phone by creating your own customized "knock" or tap pattern. The feature divides your phone's screen into four invisible quadrants. To set up your security, tap anywhere from two to eight times on the quadrants in a certain sequence. Then tap out that same pattern to unlock the phone.

Through Knock Code, you can also wake up and unlock your phone at the same time. LG touts the feature as safer and more convenient than fingerprint recognition and other security measures.

LG promises to reveal more details about the Knock Code upgrade in the coming weeks.