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LG to unveil new products for video and audio buffs

The company will hit the stage with new Blu-ray players, home sound systems, and a device that transforms a conventional TV into a smart TV.

LG's current BH6720S home theatre system.
LG's current BH6720S home theatre system.

LG Electronics is set to show off a slew of new products aimed at the home theater market.

Running the gamut from 3D sound systems to entertainment hubs, the new devices will be on display at the IFA trade show in Berlin. The show runs from August 31 to September 5.

First on the list is a 3D home theater system with the product name BH9520TW. The gear includes four 3D speakers delivering a sound that LG compares with that of an IMAX theatre. A 3D sound zooming technology synchronizes the audio with the action on a 3D TV. Viewers can control the system using either a single TV remote or a remote control app for Android and iOS devices.

LG's Smart TV Upgrader can change a conventional TV into a smart one. The upgrade gives consumers access to smart apps and other programming. Named the SP820, the device includes LG's Magic Remote, which helps people navigate their way through features and apps. The SP820 can also connect wirelessly to supported external devices.

In the lineup are two Blu-ray players that let people watch and record high-definition programs. The HR929S and HR929D players include smart TV features and can wirelessly access video and audio stored on PCs and smartphones. Another Blu-ray player, the BP620, comes with smart TV functionality and can wirelessly connect to other devices.

Finally, the NB3520A is a sound bar audio system that delivers 3D surround sound. The unit's subwoofer can be connected wirelessly, avoiding the need to string cables. Using Bluetooth, users can stream music from their smartphones and tablets.

Through its new home theater lineup, LG is betting heavily on consumer interest in 3D video and audio.

"LG's expertise in 3D technologies is being applied to our wide range of audio and video products, which will only help strengthen LG's leadership in all things 3D," Havis Kwon, CEO of LG Home Entertainment, said in a statement.