'Let me Google that for you' shows Luddite friends how to search

Send your friends the way of reason with a new service that shows them how to use the popular search engine.

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Josh Lowensohn

Let me Google that for you is a free service that shows your non-tech-savvy friends how to use the popular search engine. You just type in the query your friend asked you (presumably by e-mail or IM) and it gives you a link to send back to them that shows both where to type and where to click to get a search going. It's even nice enough to do the search when it's done, while displaying the somewhat friendly message: "Was that so hard?"

This is a service on the snarkier side, meant to send to people who should have searched themselves. It's been done before by a site called JustF***ingGoogleIt.com, however you couldn't exactly send your boss or mother that link.

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