Leopard bares its teeth at Apple conference

Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference is a showcase for the upcoming Mac OS, wake-up call for Vista.

CNET News staff
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Apple Computer's Worlvdwide Developers Conference in San Francisco is a showcase for the upcoming Mac OS and a wake-up call for Vista.

Video: Get Universal Access with Leopard

The Universal Access application has features such as voiceover enhancements, braille support and closed captioning.
August 9, 2006

Photos: Ten views of Leopard

Latest Mac OS X operating system offers a range of updates, from new developer tools to backup and graphics applications.
August 9, 2006

Video: Create custom widgets with Web Clip

Scott Forstall, Apple's vice president of platform experience, demonstrates a program that lets users create live widgets with their favorite Web sites.
August 8, 2006

Video: Improved iChat for Leopard

Apple shows off the latest version of iChat, which offers Photo Booth features for video conferencing and the ability to add backdrops.
August 8, 2006

Leopard nipping at Vista's heels

The new Mac OS is due in spring, which would put it after Vista. But if the Windows update slips again, Apple could get in first.
August 8, 2006

Video: Eyeing Apple's Core Animation

Apple demonstrates the developer tool, which can be used to create motion graphics with little coding.
August 8, 2006

Mac OS 10.5 Leopard preview

CNET editors' take Perhaps the most intriguing new feature for developers and end users alike is the Time Machine
August 7, 2006

Inside Mac OS 10.5 Leopard preview

slide show Although it won't be stores until spring 2007, Steve Jobs has given the world a preview of the next Apple operating system.
August 7, 2006

Apple shows Leopard's spots

At developers' conference, company previews first Intel-based desktop and offers a taste of Leopard's new features.
August 7, 2006

Video: Apple developers rev up in S.F.

Local and international conference-goers talks about the new Mac Pro, Xserve and what intrigues them the most at the conference.
August 7, 2006

Video: Apple creates 'Spaces' for virtual desktops

Apple shows a new application for the Leopard OS that enables grouping of different applications in separate environments.
August 7, 2006

New feature sends Macs back in time

Leopard comes with automatic backup software for consumers with a second hard drive or external drive.
Video: Traveling in the Time Machine
August 7, 2006

Video: A look at the new Mac Pro

Apple shows off the new Mac Pro based on Intel's Xeon 5100 processor.
August 7, 2006

Photos: What's here and what's coming

The Moscone crowd gets a glimpse of new products from Steve Jobs and other Apple honchos.
August 7, 2006

Steve Jobs, live from Apple's WWDC

blog On stage at the Moscone Center, Jobs and fellow execs talk up the Leopard OS, a new Mac Pro desktop and more.
August 7, 2006

From Leopard to the Mac Pro

cnet.com The CNET Reviews team offers immediate feedback from the product revelations at the Moscone.
August 7, 2006

Apple to offer OS spot check

Confab to give developers preview of Mac OS X Leopard release--and maybe some hardware, too.
August 7, 2006

Report: Apple options granted before stock jump

Exercise price and Jan. 17 closing price were equal, then good earnings news pushed stock up 11 percent.
August 7, 2006

Photos: Behind the curtain at WWDC

A glimpse through the windows of San Francisco's Moscone Center offers a preview of Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference.
August 4, 2006