Legacy Blue Check Marks on Twitter Are Going Away Next Month

The social media app will begin to wind down its legacy verified program on April 1.

Nina Raemont Writer
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Nina Raemont
Twitter check mark
James Martin/CNET

Twitter will begin winding down its legacy verified program on April 1, the social media company said in a tweet on Thursday, including removing legacy blue check marks from accounts. 

The move comes after Twitter on Thursday said its paid subscription program, Twitter Blue, is now available globally. It was already available in the US and a handful of other countries.

Twitter Blue, which costs $8 a month on the web and $11 on iOS and Android in the US, gives users a host of perks on the social media site, including a blue check mark next to their name and the ability to edit tweets and upload higher-quality videos. Companies will pay $1,000 a month for a Twitter Blue in the US. Twitter also says that more features -- like prioritized ranking in replies, mentions and search, as well as seeing few ads -- are coming soon. 

Prior to CEO Elon Musk's Twitter takeover in October, verified Twitter accounts were free and dedicated primarily to celebrities, journalists, politicians, brands and other notable figures. The transition from free verified accounts to a paid subscription program is one way Musk is attempting to make the platform more profitable.