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Learn music production with WinkSound

The WinkSound Web site pulls together instructional video content on a range of music production techniques for both hardware and software.

There's no lack of music instruction online. Sites like iVideoSongs and Internet-connected applications such as Garage Band, can tailor music instruction right down to the specific genre, song, and instrument of your choice. The trouble is, they don't actually show you how to make a great recording.

If you're more interested in how to use side-chain audio compression in Logic, than how to how to play "Stairway to Heaven," WinkSound.com is worth a look. The site design is a little rough, but the video tutorials are helpful and clearly organized into relevant topics (Garage Band, Beat Making, Ableton Live).

Nearly all of WinkSound's video content is user-generated, with much of it collected from sites such as YouTube. It's also worth noting that there's a definite emphasis on electronic, pop, and hip-hop music production, although you'll also find generally applicable video tutorials on subjects like recording acoustic drum sets or best practices for mixing in ProTools.

If you're new to using recording software, WinkSound isn't going to replace the value of a well-written manual, but it's a handy resource for peeking into other people's studios and cribbing a few techniques.

WinkSound puts some of the latest and greatest tutorials on the front page, in a giant video and image wall. CNET