Lawmakers tackle tech bills

As Congress's session comes to a close, the clock is ticking for bills dealing with taxes, copyrights, and Y2K, among others.

CNET News staff
With Congress's session coming to a close, lawmakers are scrambling to hammer out details on legislation dealing with online taxes, copyrights, and the dreaded millennium bug.

Senate passes copyright act
The compromise bill to impose new safeguards for intellectual property on the Net is expected to clear the House by tomorrow.

Critical time for Net tax bill
Though the Senate scrambled to pass the bill, any changes by the House could cause the legislation to get killed.

Congress's Y2K push
Lawmakers debate whether to use surplus budget funds for Y2K expenses, and the president is expected to sign a recently passed Y2K bill.

Shareholder suit bill to clear Congress
Legislation to curb frivolous lawsuits against start-ups with volatile stock prices has been reconciled.

Congress pushes Net issues
roundup With the end of its session looming, both houses of Congress are working furiously to move a number of Internet bills forward.