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Lady Gaga's UK website hacked, fans' personal info nicked

Lady Gaga's UK website has been hacked, with fans' personal information pinched. Universal Music says no passwords or financial details were taken.

How do you annoy Lady Gaga? Poker face! Hack into her website. The eccentrically attired songstrel is the latest victim in a spate of hack-happy cyber attacks -- her UK website has been penetrated by digital thieves, who've made off with fans' personal information.

The breach was confirmed in a statement by record label Universal Music, which said a number of its sites had been targeted. "The hacker took a content database dump and a section of email, first and last name records were accessed.

"There were no passwords taken and no financial information taken."

Big bad news for little monsters. Universal has also informed the police and the BPI, which represents the UK recording biz. Apparently everyone who had their info nicked has been informed.

The hack isn't too serious, because only names and email addresses were taken, rather than passwords, which could let people take control of your email account.

Still, many of those registered fans who've had their email addresses stolen could find themselves subjected to phishing scams or malware attacks -- an email that appears to contain Gaga-related information or photos could be a smokescreen for nasty viruses and the like. So if you're a dedicated fan, take care.

The hackers who broke into the site are believed to be a group called SwagSec. Other recent hacks include previously disappeared group LulzSec breaking into The Sun's website and redirecting visitors to a fake page with a false story about Rupert Murdoch being found dead. LulzSec later redirected visits to The Sun to its own Twitter page.

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