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Kogan to start selling NBN through Vodafone from 2018

From next year, you could be using Kogan NBN to connect your Kogan Agora phone, Kogan laptop and Kogan smart TV. Welcome to KogaNBN.

Ruslan Kogan could soon be your NBN provider. 

Kogan TVs. Kogan cruises. Kogan mobile phone plans. Now you can add Kogan NBN to that list.

The online retailer, once known for its budget electronics and home-brand appliances has today announced it will offer NBN services, in partnership with Vodafone, from next year. Kogan will also offer mobile broadband plans as part of the partnership, which has been going since 2015.

The company hasn't announced pricing info, but is promising "extremely competitive plans" and has opened up online registrations for its NBN offering.

It marks another expansion for Kogan, which has been on the rise since founder Ruslan Kogan launched the company a decade ago, with the promise to beat Australian retailers at their own game.

Kogan will join the list of roughly 140 NBN resellers across Australia, including big players such as Telstra and Optus, as well as smaller players such as Fairtel, Fantel and Fastel.