Kanye West tweets love for his Tesla

Commentary: The fashion designer and rapper claims it's the "funnest" car he's ever driven.

Chris Matyszczyk
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Jerritt Clark, Getty Images for Roc Nation

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

Greater love hath no man than this, that a man tweets his love for his car.

You might be tempted to offer such elevated words, on learning that fashion designer and rapper Kanye West has extremely deep feelings for his Tesla .

In a series of tweets, West's adoration was laid bare.

Is it always good to be in the future? I thought we were all supposed to be in the present in order to be happy. Live in the moment, they say. Don't they?

Still, Kanye had only just begun. He offered what many might assume was wit.

And then a tweet that almost felt like a lyric.

Until he finally expressed his uncontrolled joy at owning a car that will one day soon entirely control itself.

Tesla didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

However, it can't be bad for business when a renowned tastemaker such as West expresses such feelings.

It may well be that the feelings are, indeed, reciprocated.

At this year's SXSW , Musk was asked to reveal his inspiration. 

"Well, Kanye West, obviously," was his reply, to perplexing laughter.

West has been extremely active on Twitter over the last week.

He's been offering deep philosophical sayings, ones that he claims will become a book.

Sample: "Demonization has metastasized."

Another sample: I don't believe in horizontal hierarchy. If you build a ladder too high it's actually most dangerous for the people at the top."

Yet it's the people at the top who have been the first to enjoy Teslas. Danger clearly has its privileges.

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