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Kanye cheesed off at Deadmau5 as Twitter baiting continues

Social media might be all about bringing people together to share stories, but as any true celebrity follower knows, it's also the place to see Grade-A celebrity feuds unfold in real time. And once again, Kanye West has served up the goods.

Kanye West has called out his rival Deadmau5.

Oh Twitter -- you may distract us from our work and lead to countless hours wasted on hashtag games, but you do really hold your own when it comes to celebrity spats.

Who could forget Bette Midler squaring off against the much younger Ariana Grande, "All About Eve"-style, over the young ingenue's choice of barely there clothing. Or One Direction fans threatening to "kill GQ" (in a basic misunderstanding of both homicide and print publishing) after the magazine published a series of covers of the band.

We even loved Shaquille O'Neal's quiet correction of Oprah Winfrey's Twitter etiquette when she first took to the platform.

And Twitter has served up the gold once again.

After DJ and recording artist Deadmau5 called out fellow performer and advocate of the Tidal music streaming service Kanye West on Twitter, for what looked like an attempt to pirate music editing software, Kanye has hit back.

After taking a screenshot of his Mac and posting it on Twitter, the rapper was caught out for having file-sharing website Pirate Bay open in his browser.

Never one to shy away from a battle (remember his recent back and forth with recording artist Wiz Khalifa?) Kanye has been quick to return fire against the man he calls "Dead-mow-five."

And be warned Deadmau5, Kanye says he's "very detailed don't try to just throw a bow on the original head" because he will know the difference. Fair point Kanye -- this isn't some sort of Ms. Pac-Man situation here.

As for Mr Mau5's uncanny resemblance to Disney's iconic character, the DJ was quick to respond to claims he needed to find his own identity because Mickey Mouse was already taken.

"We've already settled that one out of court," he tweeted. "The more you know!"

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