Justin.tv goes live

Helmet cam. Check. EV-DO connection. Check. Web site. Check. Interesting. Check.

Josh Lowensohn Former Senior Writer
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Josh Lowensohn
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Justin.tv-- the live helmet-video blogging site we wrote about last month--went live this morning. The site combines a live video feed, public chat room, and head blogger Justin Kan's daily schedule--which loosely resembles a content programming guide. Entertaining bits of content are archived for later viewing, complete with a blog post with context for what's going on. The entire production is run through Kan's backpack, which holds a laptop hooked up to an EV-DO card.

Chatters can discuss what's happening on the show with other viewers (using Lingr, the live updating chat service we covered earlier this month), and they have the option to call or text message Justin with feedback or comments about what's going on. Earlier this morning, Justin and his buddies were talking to a man on the street, and one of the chatters text messaged Justin to move closer so we could all hear better. A few seconds later Justin got the message and moved closer. It was very surreal.

Mundane moments aside, Justin.tv is pretty entertaining. In about 10 minutes of watching I felt like I was inside his head, in a Being John Malkovich kind of way. Whether they can keep the quality going--as they dodge the inevitable stalkers flurry of phone and text spam they're bound to get by making their number public--is questionable. In the meantime, I expect the site to grow as long as Kan and crew keep it up.

Justin.tv lets you embed the live feed in your blog, Web site or social networking profile, which I've done above.

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