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Just in time for Festivus, @SeinfeldToday feed debuts

The Twitter account shares storylines that could have been produced if the show about nothing was airing today. In its first feat of strength, the feed already has more than 120,000 followers.

What if "Seinfeld" was still on the air?
What if "Seinfeld" was still on the air? Screenshot by Don Reisinger/CNET

The hit sitcom "Seinfeld" might have gone off the air long before some of the technology we enjoy today was invented, but that hasn't stopped one person from taking to Twitter and guessing at what the modern-day "Seinfeld" would look like.

On Sunday, BuzzFeed sports editor Jack Moore opened a Twitter account, called @SeinfeldToday, where he shares storylines that could have been produced if the show was airing today. The tweets center on scenarios in which Jerry, George, Kramer, or Elaine interact with today's technologies.

"Jerry joins Twitter only to find that a Jerry parody account has 50k followers," one tweet reads. "It's run by Bania, who will stop if Jerry buys him dinner."

The new Modern Seinfeld account has already been a popular addition to Twitter. Although it only started on Sunday, it already has over 120,000 followers.

So, why did Moore decide to start the account? He might just be one of the biggest "Seinfeld" fans out there:

"I'm pretty much constantly watching episodes in the background while I'm doing anything," he told The Atlantic Wire in an interview. "I have a thumb drive with the whole series on it that I keep in my bag pretty much all the time."