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John McAfee feeling better, fights to stay in Guatemala

Wanted in connection with a fatal shooting in Belize, the software pioneer is working the Guatemalan legal system in an effort to avoid deportation.

John McAfee
Personal photo

Antivirus-software pioneer John McAfee, who is facing deportation from Guatemala to Belize in connection with a fatal shooting, is feeling better after suffering chest pains earlier this week and is using legal channels to try to stay in the country.

McAfee, whose request for political asylum has already been rejected by the Guatemalan government, filed an appeal of the asylum decision and filed petitions to stay in the country indefinitely, his attorney told the media.

Attorney Telesforo Guerra told reporters outside the detention center where McAfee has been held since his arrest Wednesday that the software pioneer turned fugitive is in good health, according to the Associated Press. McAfee, who was arrested for allegedly entering the Central American country illegally, complained of chest pains not long after his request for political asylum was rejected by the Guatemalan government on Thursday. His attorney later said that his client was suffering from stress and hypertension.

Police in neighboring Belize has been pursuing McAfee for the past few weeks in connection with the shooting death of his neighbor. McAfee had been on the run since November 12, when his neighbor Gregory Faull, a contractor and restaurant owner, was discovered with a bullet in his head.

The 67-year-old founder of the company that bears his name has also said he would like to return to the United States.

"My goal is to get back to America as soon as possible," McAfee told Reuters. "I wish I could just pack my bags and go to Miami. I don't think I fully understood the political situation. I'm an embarrassment to the Guatemalan government and I'm jeopardizing their relationship with Belize."

McAfee has told the media that he's being wrongfully persecuted by officials in Belize and that he fears for his life if he is arrested by Belize police.