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JoesGoals: A really nice goal tracker. Or is it a to-do list manager?

JoesGoals is a simple online application that's great for tracking your daily goals.

JoesGoals: A simple and effective goal tracker CNET Networks

JoesGoals is a simple online application that's great for tracking your daily goals. You can assign positive or negative points for things you want (or don't want) to do, and just click on the goal to add or subtract from your tally. For example, I'd like to quit eating M&M's every afternoon. I set that up as a negative goal; when I give in to it, I click on it and get a point subtracted from my goals score for the day. On the positive side, I should walk the big hill home instead of being lazy and hopping on the bus. And that's more important than a few M&M's, so I'm going to weigh it more heavily (2 points if I do it, instead of -1 if I give in to candy). JoesGoals keeps a tally of your points so you can get a good sense of how well you're balancing all the small improvements you want to make in your life.

Rafe's Personal Score Badge

I also find the service to be a good recurring to-do list manager. I have a few things I need to get done every day. I wouldn't call them life goals, they're just things I have to do. JoesGoals is a nice place to keep the checklist.

There's a sharing function, too: you can put a running tally of your total goal score on your blog or personal page with a simple widget (although the JoesGoals branding is over-the-top and will leave your friends wondering who Joe is), or ask friends to subscribe to your goals so they can give you support.

It's a sweet little app and definitely worth checking out.

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